Ignite your FHIR transformation today with the Analytics Ready Enhanced FHIR server

Fully Managed FHIR Server

FHIR Server: Seamless Interoperability across the healthcare ecosystem

Unlock the Power of Data with Aigilx Health’s Analytics-Ready Enhanced FHIR Server

Aigilx Health’s Enhanced FHIR server is a USCDI-Compliant FHIR CDR that seamlessly ingests, standardizes and transforms healthcare data into FHIR resources.

With the Enhanced FHIR server, you can

FHIR propels you forward

Change the way health systems access, deliver, and coordinate care with Aigilx’s Enhanced FHIR Server.

Cures Act compliant Enhanced FHIR Server:

Our Enhanced FHIR Server follows the interoperability standards required by CMS and ensures compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act. It provides access to data through API and supports standard and customizable API interactions. It also comes bundled with configurations for specific use cases, such as data exchange between payers, healthcare providers and more.

Normalize disparate clinical data into FHIR efficiently

  • Clinical data from disparate sources such as Telehealth, Wearable devices, Claims, Labs, EMR, EHR and imaging systems is normalized into HL7’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) effortlessly and efficiently.
  • Maintain a single longitudinal record of your patients by standardizing and de-duplicating all your patient records.
FHIR Standardization

Grow with the changing healthcare industry through FHIR:

Aigilx Health’s Analytics-Ready Enhanced FHIR server is a flexible solution that supports future business requirements and regulatory changes. It is dynamic and responsive to changing population and Medicaid & Medicare requirements and is extremely configurable to reflect your unique needs.

Rapid & feasible FHIR solutions

FHIR makes it feasible and easy to get access to the right set of data from any device or application. Providers can spend less time searching for patient records and more time focusing on patient needs during their visit, working from a fuller picture of their patients’ care and needs. 

The Enhanced FHIR Server serves different use-cases such as:

Accelerate your FHIR transformation with Aigilx’s Analytics Ready Enhanced FHIR server

To learn more, download the FHIR Server Factsheet. 

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