Aigilx Health’s Managed FHIR Server

Empower Your Healthcare Interoperability with Our Managed FHIR Server; Seamless, Scalable, and Future-Ready!  

Fully Managed FHIR Server

Managed FHIR Server - Advancing Healthcare Interoperability and Data Management for a Connected Tomorrow

Managed FHIR Server is a high-performance solution tailored for seamless interoperability in healthcare.
Built on a robust big data engine, it effortlessly integrates with diverse healthcare systems, ensuring efficient FHIR data exchange. With Managed FHIR Server, navigate efficiently through healthcare ecosystems, amplifying connectivity and elevating patient care experiences.

Integrated Excellence- Elevate Connectivity, Security and Innovation with our Managed FHIR Server

Transform disparate health data into a cohesive narrative with our Managed FHIR server, promoting comprehensive patient care and insights.

Optimized Performance at Any Scale

Experience consistent performance at any scale with our Managed FHIR Server. From ingestion to aggregation and exchange, our six-sigma level (1 Mn messages/hour) processing ensures reliability and efficiency.

Customized Solutions Beyond FHIR

Need more than what FHIR offers? Our Managed FHIR Server provides custom resources and modules, ensuring extensibility and pluggable features to meet your unique healthcare data requirements

Scalable Architecture for Growth

Powered by proven architecture frameworks, our Managed FHIR Server offers a highly scalable infrastructure, adapting effortlessly to the growing demands of your healthcare ecosystem.

Improved Data Management

Elevate your healthcare data management with our Analytics-Ready Managed FHIR Server. Benefit from enhanced caching mechanisms and AI-powered actionable insights.


Enhance data interoperability, break down information silos, and unlock new possibilities in healthcare with our state-of-the-art Managed FHIR server.

RapidFire - Fully Managed, Analytics Ready FHIR Server

Analytics Ready & Fully Managed

Highly scalable architecture

Pluggable and extensible resources

Hi-speed ingestion – 1 Mn message/per hour


Exchange Up to FHIR V5.0 is supported (flexible and backward compatible)

Bulk Data Processing

Enhanced caching mechanism

Open source FHIR tooling on top of Enhanced FHIR server

Push & Pull Capability

HIPAA safeguards

HL7 FHIR REST (all versions)

Rest API & Subscriptions


Bulk API import/export

RapidFire – FHIR API with custom operations

Encryption API

Built-in authorization server with OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect

Access control based on access policies (JSON Schema/SQL)

User/client management (SCIM/roles)

SMART-on-FHIR support

Audit Log module

Admin Panel with built-in REST

Comprehensive Monitoring Portal



FHIR terminology API and storage

Custom CodeSystems and ValueSets

HL7 v.2 module support with configurable mapping

X12 Module

Power BI, Tableau

Transform healthcare data into an asset – Our FHIR server prioritizes high-quality clinical data, enhancing the reliability of your information.

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AI Powered Managed FHIR Server’s Unique Capabilities

  • Ability to process a throughput of 1 million messages/hour with a six sigma level of accuracy.
  • Ability to handle high volume and high load with dual scalability - scaling up for historical data migration and scaling down for normal operations.
  • Quicker delivery of query results through Intelligent Clinical Information Exchange and ADT Alerts.
  • One of a kind bulk data processing for both export and import.
  • AI-Powered FHIR server, delivering quality metrics to empower your journey in health data reforms, such as the 1115 Waiver Amendment and Prior Authorization rules.

Versatile Deployment Choices: Aigilx Health's Managed FHIR Server

Choose flexibility with deployment options that extend to public clouds or on-premises environments.
Aigilx Health’s FHIR Server seamlessly adapts to your infrastructure preferences, providing a tailored solution for your healthcare data needs:

Unlock the Future of Healthcare Data Management

Experience the Power of Our Managed FHIR Server.
Join Us on the Path to Smarter, Safer, and Seamless Health Information Exchange!

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