FHIR-enabled clinical data to improve payer performance

Payers engage with providers and enable patients to achieve better health outcomes. For payers to increase the value derived from health data exchanges, it’s important that they embrace interoperable solutions.

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Achieve compliance to advance payer performance

For payers to increase the value derived from health data exchanges and reduce operational costs, it’s important that they embrace interoperable solutions such as RapidFire.


Payers need to ensure they are compliant with the 21st Century Cures act to manage clinical and financial data and enable payer-to-payer data exchange. Payers, by embracing FHIR standard interoperability, can lead the way forward and increase the payer-provider relationship by focusing on improved transparency for seamless data sharing. 

Data analytics

Clinical data analytics will help evaluate risk and boost preventive care. It provides data-driven insights to identify and close gaps in care and make informed decisions to manage the care continuum. 

Strategic initiatives

Payers will benefit from indulging in strategic technological investments such as Prior Authorization initiatives. End-to-end electronic prior authorization greatly reduces administrative burden and yields better payer outcomes.

Quality standards

Seamless interoperability and payer-to-payer data exchange ensures higher quality of care and better health outcomes. This increases member experience and helps payers meet quality standards such as HEDIS, CQMS and STAR and enhance ratings, increasing their visibility and future prospects. 

RapidFire is a versatile interoperability platform that helps payers imbibe the above features into their business models. It ensures compliance with the CMS mandates and helps payers in meeting quality standards and therefore increases payer visibility for potential members.

We help payers equip providers with needed capabilities to manage risks and deliver value-based care outcomes.

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