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The Aigilx Health Partner program offers a new venture for those seeking to excel in the Health Information Technology space.
With our partnership, connect with healthcare systems all over the country and scale new heights!

Partner with<span class="f_700"> Aigilx Health</span>

Did you know that the Healthcare interoperability market is estimated to reach $5.5 billion by 2026?

The Coronavirus pandemic emphasized the importance of Digitizing healthcare and the electronic sharing of health information. This, combined with US healthcare interoperability regulations has opened up enormous business possibilities in the healthcare interoperability market.

Capitalize on this remarkable opportunity with our partnership program now before it’s too late! 

Introduce our revolutionary FHIR Interoperability platform to your clients and maximize your profits!

RapidFire – our end-to-end FHIR-powered interoperability product suite equips the healthcare ecosystem with cutting-edge technology to face the challenges of secure data exchange.  Our progressive interoperability platform is designed to be flexible, configurable, and highly available, giving customers the ability to adapt to an ever-changing healthcare landscape. 
  • Analytics-ready Enhanced FHIR server
  • Rapid ingestion with six sigma level of accuracy 
  • Tool-driven automated processes for rapid implementation 
  • Compliant with US Healthcare regulations (21st Century Cures Act, TEFCA, USCDI V3)

The Aigilx Advantage

Become a Health Tech leader

Step into the future of healthcare tech with your clients through our interoperability expertise and gain visibility into new regions and networks.

Reach new heights in your business

Unlock new business opportunities and supplement your growth with our cutting-edge interoperable products.

Set yourself up for success

Leverage the healthcare industry’s most demanded interoperability solutions and benefit from our expertise!

Region Exclusivity

Make substantial profits by transforming your business dominance in your region into potential leads with minimal effort.

Cost-effective and Practical

Our solution is not only par excellence with other interoperable products but is also exceptionally economical and practical, ensuring our shared success.

Who can partner with us?

EHR Software Providers
System Integrators
Health Tech Consultants
Tele Health Solution Providers
Medical Device Manufacturers

Join the Aigilx Health Partner Program right away to capitalize on interoperability possibilities.

Regardless of the type of collaboration, we will provide you with impressive rewards/profits, benefits, resources and the support you need to scale your business.

System Integrators, Resellers, Distributors, & Implementation partners

EHR, IoMT & Telehealth Solution Providers

Health IT Consultants

Aigilx health specializes in developing Interoperability solutions to create a healthcare ecosystem and aids in the delivery of efficient, patient-centric and population-focused healthcare.


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