Make the most of Mirth Connect with Aigilx's solutions

Aigilx specializes in optimizing Interface engines like Mirth Connect and Rhapsody, offering a range of services to unlock their full potential. Our exclusive focus and extensive experience with both engines ensure that we can help you fully leverage their capabilities.

Make the most of Mirth Connect with Aigilx’s solutions

Aigilx's Mirth solutions offer a comprehensive approach to improving the performance of your Mirth systems. From performance tuning to custom plugin development, our expert team will enhance the capabilities of your Mirth platform to suit your unique needs and requirements.

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Mirth Connect Integrations

Integrate Mirth Connect into your organization’s workflow and connect with disparate systems efficiently. We help you integrate Mirth facilities into EHR (Electronic Health Records), PMS (Practice Management Systems), and HIS (Health Information Systems) systems by developing the Mirth appliances deployment platform and PostgreSQL database.

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Custom Plugins Development for Mirth Connect

Extend operations, ease connections between various healthcare organizations, enable smooth workflows and improve processes with custom plugins. Our Mirth engineers are well-versed in the Mirth Connect interface engine and the interoperability world to develop, monitor and support customized plugin developments.

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Secure HL7 data exchange for Mirth Connect

Improve EMPI navigation by securely exchanging important healthcare data such as diagnoses, medical histories, prescriptions, and demographics by using HL7 messaging protocols (including TCP/MLLP, HTTP, JMS, FTP/SFTP, and SOAP) in the Mirth platform.

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Mirth Monitoring tool - Control Center

Protect your system from critical errors immediately and transform monitoring with automated alerts, real-time monitoring, and unified dashboard. Quick and Efficient monitoring for your Mirth Connect servers with Control Center’s plug-and-play implementation system. Just configure and download your channel and start monitoring right away!

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Effortless Mirth Mail Integrations

Facilitate easy exchange of text messages, referrals and SOAP notes among various endpoints by configuring NextGen’s direct messaging platform. Using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and by leveraging the Direct Project messaging standard, we ensure SMS and email notifications.

Comprehensive Mirth Services and Support

Infrastructure and Performance tuning for optimal Mirth performance

Comprehensive web service development for quick access to electronic health information

Expert customization and extension services for optimized deployment and scaling

Management, monitoring, and maintenance of your Mirth interface engine.

Streamline your data integration processes with Aigilx's comprehensive suite of tools and services.

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Aigilx health specializes in developing Interoperability solutions to create a healthcare ecosystem and aids in the delivery of efficient, patient-centric and population-focused healthcare.


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