Advance your transition to FHIR using RapidFire’s key features

Fully Managed AI-Powered FHIR server

Enhanced FHIR Clinical Data Repository with powerful rule based aggregation built on cutting-edge security framework including advanced capabilities such as consent management, FHIR profiles management, information and flexible caching.

Privacy, Security, Consent and Compliance

With a strong security framework, powerful role-based and data-based access control features ensure only the authorized roles are allowed to view patient information. Every exchange and consent changes can be tracked for audits.

Intelligent clinical information exchange

Configurable rules-driven product to exchange ADT alerts and accurate real-time clinical/behavioral/social information in various formats like HL7V2, FHIR, X12 and CCDA.

Big Data Ingestion framework

Enables ingestion of different types of clinical data including HL7, CCDA, X12, Flat-file & FHIR. Aggregates and standardizes in RapidFire's comprehensive clinical data repository (CDR). Equipped with API endpoints, it facilitates pull-push functionality.

Rapid Implementation

Tool-driven implementation eliminates manual errors while being quick and transparent. Progress updates and proactive alerts help identify risks and make better informed decisions.

FHIR Analytics

Observe trends and receive reports through intelligent real-time metrics to enhance preventive care and population health. Obtain data-driven actionable insights and predictive analytics to facilitate informed decisions and better patient care.

ONC Compliance

Achieve compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act including TEFCA and conform to the USCDI data standards.

Hassle-free migration

Fully transparent tool-driven migration provides real-time visibility and regular updates for course corrective actions and ensures a smooth transition.

Rapid go-live

Swift integration of any user specification and tool-driven implementation allows module-based accelerated integration, release, and go-live.

FHIR-enabled interoperability platform and its advantages

The right interoperable solution harnesses complete data potential and facilitates successful data exchange across various care platforms.

Allows users to tag and flag clinical information to customize user workflows, restrict unauthorized access and enable granular auditing. New tags can be added according to the user’s preference.

RapidFire supports a comprehensive view of patients’ clinical and demographical data in one location. This empowers providers to understand patient history and to administer patient-specific and effective healthcare.

Introducing horizontally and vertically scalable system to store, access and aggregate clinical data with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. 

RapidFire’s mobile and web-based interface is intuitively developed and has features such as the graphical representation of patient data, customizable user interface and real-time notifications. Role-based personalization is implemented ensuring a high degree of security. 

One of the best consent management mechanisms, this is developed to be flexible, easily configurable, granular and hierarchical in design with the ability to create, modify and revoke consent. Unlike the all-or-nothing approach, patients can choose to provide consent for certain entities for certain data sets.

Extremely flexible architecture can integrate any additional data specifications such as data from the fields of education, profession, social community and law enforcement to understand Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) and supports having a holistic view.

RapidFire is versatile and can be hosted in AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or any other data center.

RapidFire is equipped with it’s own EMPI to facilitate rapid implementation and swift integration. It can also be integrated with any EMPI solution.

Every piece of data can be tracked to the source message and all information accesses are traced, reported and can be audited for compliance purposes.

Disparate clinical data from different sources is expeditiously ingested, maintaining a six-sigma level of accuracy.

RapidFire in Action

Aigilx Health implemented enhanced FHIR Server with JWT authentication and migrated aggregated clinical data onto FHIR Server to help Rochester RHIO meet compliance requirements. The clinical data viewer SMART on FHIR apps aids providers with accurate patient data for enhanced care.


Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), is a healthcare standard developed by Health Level 7 (HL7). As advocated by ONC and CMS, it is the definitive standard for healthcare interoperability for the foreseeable future. RapidFire is built on FHIR principles and is developed to remain sustainable and relevant well into the future with the following features:


  • Highly configurable system – Fulfills customer-specific needs with ease
  • API-first architecture principle – Enables seamless integrations, extensions and modifications
  • Intelligent Clinical Information Exchange – Highly configurable clinical information exchange facilitates ADT alerts and provides need-based runtime CCDA generation.
  • FHIR Analytics – Actionable data-driven insights and reports for informed decision-making
  • Ultra-scalable framework for rapid and enhanced scalability 
  • Automated tool-driven implementation, installation, deployment and migration to reduce errors and increase efficiency
  • Tool-driven real-time monitoring capabilities to make informed decisions
  • Supports FHIR standard interoperability for seamless data-exchange
  • Real-time notifications to fastrack care delivery
  • Clinical viewer to have a panoramic view of patient, enabling better care outcomes
  • Real-time metrics to quantify outcome measures, boost preventive care and engage in population health
  • Compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act to provide patients access to their data

RapidFire turns disparate clinical data into unified actionable data to promote better interoperability between various systems. It ensures bi-directional connectivity to enable pull-push functionality so that different care-givers can share data with each other seamlessly.

It enables real-time notifications to keep everyone subscribed to the patient updated. It reduces redundant testing by incorporating an All-in-one UI which provides a 360 degree patient view. Claims data is also incorporated ensuring ease of reimbursements. It establishes a secure role-based authorization to enable a high degree of privacy.

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RapidFire accelerates healthcare systems with ease. Contact us to be compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act.

Aigilx health specializes in developing Interoperability solutions to create a healthcare ecosystem and aids in the delivery of efficient, patient-centric and population-focused healthcare.


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