Aigilx Health’s Expert integration services for your Interoperability needs

Aigilx Health specializes in optimizing Interface engines like Mirth Connect and Rhapsody, offering a range of services to unlock their full potential. Our exclusive focus and extensive experience with both engines ensure that we can help you fully leverage their capabilities.

Integration Services

Why Aigilx Health is the ideal choice for healthcare data integration?

Why us

Fully managed Healthcare Interoperability and Integration Services

Optimize Integration with Expert Consulting

We provide expert guidance on how to optimize your integration strategy to align with your business goals. This includes identifying integration gaps and opportunities, defining use cases, creating integration roadmaps, and selecting appropriate technologies and tools.

Seamless Integration through hassle-free Implementation

Aigilx’s implementation service involves designing, building, and deploying integration solutions that enable seamless data exchange between systems and applications with the use of various messaging standards such as HL7 FHIR, EDI, and others. This includes developing custom connectors, APIs, and data pipelines.

Effortless Upgrades and Migration

With our services, seamlessly move your integration solutions to the latest version or to a different platform by identifying the required changes and impacts, customizing an upgrade/migration plan and testing for efficiency.

Proactive Monitoring and Reliable Support

We provide monitoring and support to ensure that the integration solution is running efficiently and effectively. This includes proactive monitoring to identify and resolve potential issues and providing technical support to resolve any issues that arise.

Who can benefit from our services

Multi Speciality hospitals & Networks

Public health agencies

Large ambulatory practices


Health information organizations (HIOs)

Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)

Telehealth organizations

IoMT solution providers

Developers of patient portals

Optimize your data integration processes with Aigilx's comprehensive services

Streamline your data integration processes with Aigilx's comprehensive suite of tools and services.

To learn more, download the Integration Services Factsheet.

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    Aigilx health specializes in developing Interoperability solutions to create a healthcare ecosystem and aids in the delivery of efficient, patient-centric and population-focused healthcare.


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