Optimize Rhapsody to enhance performance with Aigilx’s Integration services

At Aigilx, we have extensive expertise in Rhapsody Integration Services. Our team of experts can help you maximize the full potential of Rhapsody through our top-notch services. Ensure seamless and secure healthcare information exchange by optimizing your Rhapsody interface engine.

Rhapsody for Healthcare Data Integration

Cost-Effective Healthcare Integration with Rhapsody

Rhapsody-as-a-Service (RaaS) offers cost-effective healthcare integration by providing the latest version of Rhapsody software and configuration, allowing healthcare organizations to easily upgrade their systems without the need for expensive in-house maintenance, support, and hardware. This eliminates the high cost of replacing aging infrastructure and provides instant access to the latest technology. 

Greater Scalability and Flexibility

Rhapsody can handle high volumes of data and transactions, making it suitable for large enterprises with complex integration needs. It also supports a wide range of protocols and message formats, making it a flexible tool that can integrate with any system or application.

Reduced Risk and Improved Compliance

Rhapsody provides a secure and compliant environment for data integration, ensuring that sensitive data is protected and compliance requirements are met. This helps organizations reduce risk, avoid costly data breaches, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Optimize Rhapsody for your Interoperability needs

Custom Rhapsody Communication Points and Filters

Build custom communication points and filters to send secure messages and perform various actions.

REST and SOAP-based APIs for Rhapsody

Our experts can help you build REST and SOAP-based APIs using Rhapsody’s Open API.

Rhapsody Configuration Management System

With our Configuration Management system, you can easily manage your configurations for full use of the Rhapsody interface engine.

Rhapsody IDE

We can help you maximize the Rhapsody Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to create communication points, filters, connectors, routes, and lockers.

Custom Rules for Efficient Rhapsody Mapping

Our experts can create custom rules for efficient mapping using Rhapsody Mapper.

Rhapsody Watchlists

We can set up watchlists to ensure smooth operation of routes, communication points, and web services.

Rhapsody Server Settings Configuration

Our team can configure server settings to use Rhapsody engine’s full potential.

Rhapsody EDI Tools

 We use EDI tools like Message Designer, Explorer, and Map Designer to create custom messaging formats, parse messages in various routes, and map according to your specific requirements.

Optimize Rhapsody to enhance performance with
Aigilx’s Integration services​

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