Unified actionable data across the care network

Facilitate accurate data exchange between various practitioners such as primary care physicians, behavioral health clinics, payers, ACOs, and laboratories.

FHIR standard Interoperability

Adopt FHIR standard interoperability to mine the full potential of data and enable successful data exchange across various care platforms. Empowered HIEs empower the whole care system.

Unified Data Platform

Efficiently collect, store, access, and share Personal Health Information (PHI) in a unified scalable data platform


Standardize disparate data formats into FHIR

Connect, Standardize and aggregate data from thousands of providers with various data formats effectively and without loss of information


Complete and accessible clinical records as FHIR resources

Allow providers and other practitioners access to complete clinical information in a single comprehensible platform and ensure medical records are available at the point of care.

Enhanced Data Accuracy for HIEs

Eliminate inefficiencies of care and increase the value of care delivery by meeting data accuracy and quality standards.

HIE-specific Consent Management System

Efficiently manage consent requirements of numerous providers and patients through easy-to-implement, customizable and flexible consent management system. 

Tailored access control features for HIE’s needs

Enable smart, role-based accessibility with customized workflows while prioritizing provenance and data auditability. Ensure sensitive clinical and behavioral data is securely stored and accessed.  

Core modules of RapidFire HIE Product Suite

RapidFire Big data ingestion framework

Highly scalable, high-performance ingestion platform with rule-based aggregation engine that ingests different types of data like HL7, CCDA, X12, Flat-file, FHIR, Custom JSONs and standardizes them as advanced FHIR resources. 

RapidFire enhanced FHIR Server

Highly configurable, USCDI-complaint enhanced FHIR server that seamlessly processes, validates and stores data in the FHIR format and is enhanced with flexible caching and profiling capabilities built over a strong security framework. 

Intelligent clinical information exchange

Configurable rules-driven product to exchange ADT alerts and accurate real-time clinical/behavioral/social information in various formats like HL7V2, FHIR, X12 and CCDA.  The module provides APIs to generate CCDs and FHIR resources on-demand.

RapidFire All-in-one web UI

Comprehensive and responsive web application with consent management and clinical viewer capabilities for providers. The All-in-one web UI can also be converted into a SMART on FHIR app with minimal effort.

Record Store – State-of-the-art unified mobile application

Next generation mobile platform with consent management system and clinical data viewer. The app comes with push notifications which can be configured to notify the users near real-time on ADT alerts. The app can be personalized and is available for iPhone and Android mobile devices and supports any number of providers in the field. 

RapidFire, a leading interoperability platform, delivers all the above features. It uses a robust data ingestion framework to ingest disparate data systems which are built on a strong security network. It is flexible to incorporate configurations and scalable to grow with the HIE’s needs.

Efficiently aggregate data from disparate systems and enable better health data exchange


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