Unified actionable data across the care network

RapidFire enables Health Information Exchanges (HIE) to facilitate accurate data exchange between various practitioners such as primary care physicians, behavioral health clinics, payers, ACOs, and laboratories.

FHIR standard interoperability

To mine the full potential of data and to enable the successful sharing of data across various care platforms, HIEs need to adopt FHIR standard interoperability. Empowered HIEs empower the whole care system.

unified data platform

Unified data platform

As the primary objective of HIEs is to collect and share Patient Health Information (PHI), HIEs need a unified scalable data platform where numerous health records can be securely stored and accessed efficiently.

Data accuracy

The value of care increases in direct correlation with the accuracy of data obtained. HIEs need to ensure the data they use and share meets the required quality standards and necessary accuracy to better perform care delivery and eliminate inefficiencies of care.

desparate file formats HIE@2x

Disparate data formats

HIEs need to connect with thousands of providers within their region who may be using various data formats for storing patient health records. HIEs need to standardize and aggregate data from these formats effectively and without loss of information.

Complete and accessible clinical records

HIEs can better help providers when all patient health records are visible to them in a single comprehensible platform. This will allow providers access to complete clinical information and ensures medical records are available at the point of care.

Consent management

Since HIEs work with numerous providers and their patients, oftentimes it becomes a task to manage consent requirements. They require an easy to implement, customizable and flexible system in place.

RapidFire, a leading interoperability platform, delivers all the above features. It uses a robust data ingestion framework to ingest disparate data systems which are built on a strong security network. It is flexible to incorporate configurations and scalable to grow with the HIE’s needs.

To efficiently aggregate data from disparate systems and enable better health data exchange


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