Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) facilitate accurate data exchange between various practitioners such as primary care physicians, behavioral health clinics, payers, and laboratories. They handle massive volumes of data every day and are required to serve a plethora of requests. To cater to the demands of the healthcare ecosystem, HIEs must implement a futuristic approach to data collection and management. 

Infrastructure agnostic

HIEs require the flexibility of hosting their service on any cloud service of their preference. The choice to host on their preferred cloud service will be an added advantage to continue delivering comprehensive services, without the need to migrate their entire service to incorporate interoperable solutions.

Integration with third-party systems

Since HIEs work with a large number of caregivers, they use a wide variety of third-party systems such as different EHR systems, imaging services, payers and networks. They require a platform that can seamlessly integrate all their existing systems and further provide the capability to extend to new systems.

Consent management

Due to the sensitivity and value of clinical data, managing consent is crucial. HIEs need to use flexible, state-of-the-art consent management systems that allow them to modify, update or revoke consent at a granular level.

Population health analytics

HIEs are in a unique position to enable population health analytics as they possess sensitive data of the entire population in a central location. They require interoperable solutions that utilize the population data to provide real-time metrics to engage in preventive and population health initiatives.


With CMS rolling out finalized reforms for FHIR standard interoperability, HIEs need to lead by example by complying with the rules. They require a futuristic interoperability platform that makes the transition to interoperability smooth and has capabilities to adapt to future changes in the regulations. 

HIEs, as the leading organizations of data exchange, have the opportunity to improve care delivery by embracing flexible and futuristic interoperable solutions.   

RapidFire, a futuristic interoperability platform, offers a wide range of essential features specially curated for the needs of an HIE. Rochester RHIO, one of the most successful HIEs, uses RapidFire for its interoperability needs. Developed by interoperability experts and designed to grow with the future, RapidFire’s unique features will ensure you maximize outcomes. 

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Aigilx health specializes in developing Interoperability solutions to create a healthcare ecosystem and aids in the delivery of efficient, patient-centric and population-focused healthcare.


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