Enhanced Care Coordination for improved care outcomes

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs), acting as the forerunner of Care Coordination in the US Behavioral Healthcare system, can better their care delivery by utilizing optimum interoperable solutions.

RapidFire - A specialized platform for effective Care Coordination

CCBHCs, to attain their aim of integrating behavioral and physical health data, providing high quality care and utilizing evidence-based practices, require efficient use of care coordination.

Integrating various systems

CCBHCs need an interoperability solution to aggregate data from various sources and convert that into actionable patient data to have a functional care coordination system in place.

Outcome dashboard

CCBHCs can scale up their care coordination delivery when they are equipped with real-time patient data in an easily accessible platform such as an outcome dashboard. It helps them in meeting state reporting measures and thus enhances recognition.

Real-time notifications

To enable tracking of patient admission and discharge and provide active follow-ups after discharge as required by SAMHSA, CCBHCs need timely updates.  It enables the providers to be up-to-date with their patient’s care journey, an essential part of care coordination.

Bi-Directional connection

To reduce redundant testing and to improve healthcare outcomes, CCBHCs require data-sharing capacity. It allows providers to share important real-time clinical data between themselves paving the way for successful care coordination.

Data-driven Insights

CCBHCs need to be proactive in delivering care. An indispensable part of preventive care is the ability to observe trends and identify high-risk individuals. Real-time metrics will be a valuable asset in providing preventive care and in recognizing gaps in care coordination.

About RapidFire

RapidFire is an all-inclusive interoperability platform for CCBHC’s needs. Power-packed with intuitive features such as an outcome dashboard, bi-directional connection and real-time metrics, it can transform CCBHC’s care coordination and help them achieve enhanced care outcomes.

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