Enhancing Care Coordination helps providers achieve their primary objective of delivering patient-centered efficient care and improving care outcomes. An essential part of care coordination is the necessity to connect the dots between diverse processes.

Numerous studies have found that mental health disorders are associated with one another. A study conducted by the College of Charleston shows that depression and eating disorders are closely related. Another study containing 200,000 people found that schizophrenia was significantly connected to many other disorders. It also reveals the hidden links between mental health disorders by relating major depressive disorders to anxiety.

Thus, it is crucial for caregivers to understand the health history of a patient. Information such as previous symptoms, diagnoses, prescribed medications and other care interventions are essential to provide an accurate and quick diagnosis.

The answer to this issue is Interoperability.


Interoperability for enhanced care coordination

Improved outcomes

Interoperability enables various providers to communicate with each other and share healthcare information without any loss of integrity. It helps the providers have a holistic view of the patient and thus paves the way for improved care coordination.

Better efficiency

Interoperability enhances efficiency. It facilitates the providers to make accurate diagnoses faster. It enables increased operational efficiency and faster turnarounds leading to enhanced care coordination.

Reduced redundancy

Interoperability greatly reduces redundant work and helps providers focus on patient needs and outcomes, boosting coordination between DCOs, Primary care centers, Specialty care centers, Laboratories and other behavioral healthcare providers.

As regulators encourage healthcare systems to incorporate interoperability, providers need to choose a high-performing data aggregation and exchanging system that fits their needs and can adapt according to the future requirements of the industry. 

Let us solve the puzzle of care coordination with seamless interoperability.

Aigilx health specializes in developing Interoperability solutions to create a healthcare ecosystem and aids in the delivery of efficient, patient-centric and population-focused healthcare.


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