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Meridian DAP

Innovative features include:

360° Patient View

Comphrehensive and rich user experience covering all aspects of patient care based on agrregated clinical data along with related providers.

HIE Centric CDR

MDAP ingests different types of clinical data including HL7, C-CDA and FHIR. Data aggregates in MDAP’s comprehensive Clinical Data Repository (CDR).

Data Lineage and Provenance

Every piece of delivered data can be traced back to the source message easily in MDAP. All information accesses are traced and reported.

Powerful Data Tagging

MDAP’s powerful information tagging allows users to tag clinical information. These tags allow for customized user workflows and restrict unauthorized access.

Less Downtime

MDAP utilizes container technology to keep systems up and running supporting better provider access at the point of care.

Granular Audit Reporting

Granular audit reporting is powered by a hierarchical design that makes MDAP’s audit management customizable and simple.

Rapid Fire Solutions

Meridian DAP lays the foundation for a FHIR-enabled future.

Rapid Fire Solutions support regulatory requirements by supporting discrete data elements.

Push the boundaries of healthcare data.

Evolve the way you access manage get insights into healthcare data.

Access a scalable and powerful platform that solves complex technical problems.

Interoperability Services

Solutions for HIEs, CIEs, and payers to fulfill regulatory requirements and patient data access.

Interface Development

Aigilx Health provides intuitive and customized user interfaces to support improved workflows for HIEs and better data for patients at the point of care.

Cross-Sector Data Support

Our interoperability services support integrated cross-sector data exchange for clinical, social services, and behavioral health data.

Technology Consulting

Aigilx Health provides custom services to support Meridian DAP integration, including integration with third parties and custom components.

Migration simplified and more.


Complete tool-based approach for transparent implementation and effective migration.