Health Equity - NYS 1115 Waiver

In a significant move to address health disparities and advance quality and equity in healthcare services, New York (NYS) has introduced the Health Equity Regional Organization (HERO) as part of the NY 1115 Medicaid Waiver. This statewide entity, with a focus on reducing health disparities and supporting the delivery of Health Related Social Need (HRSN) services, is set to play a crucial role in promoting health equity for all populations.

The Role of HERO

HERO, a single, statewide organization, is entrusted with a diverse range of responsibilities aimed at developing regionally focused approaches to health equity. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has authorized up to $125 million in expenditure authority for HERO to carry out the following key activities:

Data Aggregation, Analytics, and Reporting:
  • HERO will collect and analyze data from various sources, including managed care organizations, social care networks, workforce investment organizations, and providers.
  • The goal is to integrate health and social data sets, a challenging yet critical task in addressing health disparities comprehensively.
Conducting Regional Needs Assessment and Planning:
  • HERO will perform annual regional planning and create a statewide health equity plan by evaluating needs and identifying gaps in access to physical, behavioral, and social care.
  • This ongoing assessment will help HERO understand and address workforce-related shortages and needs.
Convening Regional Stakeholder Engagement Sessions:
  • HERO will facilitate regional sessions to engage stakeholders, fostering collaboration and inclusivity in addressing health disparities.
Making Recommendations for Advanced Value-Based Arrangements:
  • The organization will provide recommendations to support advanced value-based arrangements, with a specific focus on incorporating HRSN into value-based payment (VBP) methodologies.
Conducting Program Analysis:
  • HERO will publish health equity plans and baseline data on Medicaid populations, contributing to transparency and accountability in addressing health disparities. 

Healthcare Data Interoperability: A Vital Catalyst for Health Equity

The NY 1115 Medicaid Waiver and the establishment of HERO mark a significant step towards addressing health disparities and promoting health equity in the state.  

HERO’s diverse responsibilities underscore the vital role of interoperable health data from various sources. This interoperability enables HERO to comprehensively evaluate and address health disparities. Additionally, the integration of Social Determination of Health (SDoH) data allows HERO to tailor region-specific strategies, bridging gaps in access to care. 

 In essence, the success of the NY 1115 Medicaid Waiver and HERO hinges on the efficient integration and analysis of health data, particularly SDoH. As stakeholders navigate this transformative initiative, a commitment to data-driven strategies becomes the linchpin for reshaping New York’s healthcare landscape for the benefit of all. 

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