An integral part of care coordination is the necessity to remain informed about a patient’s care journey.

Oftentimes, the subscribed care providers have little to no information about a patient, leading to a loss in efficiency.  

A sophisticated approach that provides timely updates whenever the patient receives diagnoses, medications, etc from other practitioners, is necessary to keep everyone subscribed to the patient in the loop. So, yes! Real-time notifications are indeed a game changer in the Care Coordination world.

Perks of Real-time Notifications

RapidFire utilizes clinical data and converts that into real-time interoperable data to enhance care coordination. It ensures that ADT alerts are delivered to relevant authorized subscribers along with the necessary data set – information such as his current medications, his last diagnoses and his complete health record – to help them be aware of a patient’s care journey. 

Intelligent clinical information exchange can be utilized to query and receive important real-time consolidated data records of the patient. This works even when the patient moves between healthcare providers, making it a crucial feature during emergencies. 

Notifications allow providers to make informed decisions using the data available to them. In turn, it positively affects the care journey of a patient – reducing time and increasing the value of the care.

The alerts are intelligently categorized based on the consent of the patient and the type of data – depending on whether it is sensitive or not, alerts are generated and sent to the relevant authorized subscribers. The alerts can also be sent in different formats – as direct e-mails or as HL7 v2 messages. The entire solution is built on top of a strong security framework. 

Real-time notifications help manage high-risk patients and let the subscribed providers be informed of patient status, laboratory results, monitor transitions, and provide follow-up care. This ensures all participants are always in-step with the treatment, eliminating any delays and paving the way for an effective and improved way of providing care.

Start your journey towards enhanced care coordination by making informed decisions today!

Aigilx health specializes in developing Interoperability solutions to create a healthcare ecosystem and aids in the delivery of efficient, patient-centric and population-focused healthcare.


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