FHIR Ingestion

With the expansion of the healthcare industry, more and more clinical data is generated. To provide accurate and efficient care, providers must keep up with the pace of data expansion and harvest it.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is actively promoting FHIR standard interoperability in healthcare systems. In order to migrate to Interoperability platforms and promote seamless data exchange, the healthcare systems experienced an increase in the workload which has necessitated a high-performing data ingestion framework.

RapidFire’s Big Data Ingestion framework can intake data in a variety of formats and store it in an enhanced FHIR data model, which leverages relational and document storage principles.

Seamless Data Ingestion

Our data ingestion system can ingest different data formats like HL7, CCDA, FHIR, Excel, XML,  Claim Files and Custom JSONs and standardize them as advanced FHIR resources. This makes RapidFire a highly versatile and adaptable system enabling it to work with various existing systems such as providers, pharmacies, laboratories, specialty care centers, radiology centers etc.

Two-way functionality

Data ingestion works with API endpoints and hence, data can be read from or input into the server in any desired data format, ensuring pull-push operability. Data can be converted to FHIR resources and can be shared directly from the server for deriving analytics, viewing consolidated records and combining to make reports etc.

Terminology mapper

Healthcare systems should process data in a structured and organized format for data exchange, analysis, quality & research, and clinical decisions. But different sources follow various code systems, making the aggregation of data a complex task.


Thanks to Terminology services, RapidFire maps these values to a standard code. It combines concepts of a particular domain and provides a reference to related terms, definitions, and codes.

Capability to handle increased data volumes
RapidFire’s data processing pipeline is capable of handling any volume of data depending on the data source. It is an effective aggregation engine that aggregates disparate data and pushes it for further processing. Updates and an increase in the volume of data are managed without downtime.
Integration with EMPI
RapidFire is designed to integrate with any EMPI to facilitate rapid implementation and swift integration, enabling a time-effective solution.
Administration and monitoring
Apart from the above features, RapidFire is equipped with comprehensive administration and monitoring capabilities. The processes are entirely tool-driven, leading to an automated, efficient error-free experience and ensure that dependency on IT team is close to none. The monitoring and operation portal provides system monitoring, user access monitoring, log monitoring and ingestion monitoring. Errors occurring can be viewed and corresponding operational tasks can be initiated from the portal.

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