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Integrate our Interoperability solutions together for combined growth

Provide an all-inclusive healthcare interoperability solution to your clients and enable their swift growth. Complement your services with our solutions to provide a full range of healthcare technology systems.

Seize the growing need for comprehensive interoperability solutions and grow with your clients by integrating your product sales with ours! 

Moreover, your clients can leverage their investments as our platform seamlessly integrates into your software without requiring any changes.

RapidFire, our end-to-end FHIR-powered interoperability product suite, provides the necessary platform required for accelerated growth in the healthcare interoperability market!

What’s unique about Aigilx’s FHIR solutions?

Pluggable & Fully operational

Our interoperability platform is extremely pluggable and has been integrated with 40+ different EHR systems without requiring any changes.


From transforming disparate data into actionable aggregated data to deriving analytics for various metrics and initiatives, our interoperable solution does it all. What’s more - our product is completely configurable, enabling a high degree of flexibility to suit your customer’s needs.


Developed by Aigilx’s FHIR experts, our interoperable solutions are tried and tested in the real world and have outdone expectations with every upgrade.


Automated tool-driven processes ensure rapid go-live and seamless interoperability.

Profit from the growing interoperability market right away by partnering with Aigilx Health now!

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    Aigilx health specializes in developing Interoperability solutions to create a healthcare ecosystem and aids in the delivery of efficient, patient-centric and population-focused healthcare.


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