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Every minute, an exponential amount of healthcare data is generated. This has incited a digital revolution in healthcare resulting in data management becoming a priority. 

The power of healthcare data can only be realized if it’s organized and transformed into an accessible resource. This is done when clinical data is standardized and transformed into a FHIR resource to enable seamless data exchange.

Transform your clinical data management system with RapidFire's FHIR Server

Data Aggregation

RapidFire incorporates a USCDI Complaint FHIR server that seamlessly ingests, standardizes and represents healthcare data from various sources as required. It is capable of processing, validating, and storing data in FHIR format that can be used for running search queries and generating other reports. It is enhanced to handle Bulk data and historical data aggregation, enabling a smooth process.


Rapidfire caters to the data explosion issue by introducing a horizontally and vertically scalable system. Vertical scaling refers to adding more resources to the existing application or server. Horizontal scaling involves adding more processing units or physical machines to your server or database. Every byte of valuable data is stored, making sure you remain on top of your data!

HIPAA Compliant

By implementing secure systems, our enhanced FHIR server ensures HIPAA compliance. Sensitive data such as SAMHSA and Part 2 data are tagged separately. Thus access and viewing capabilities are allowed based on required authorization, ensuring a high degree of compliance with HIPAA. Personal Health Information (PHI) data is securely encrypted using OAuth. Every data accessed, viewed and modified can be traced, guaranteeing data provenance and paving the way for a fully transparent auditable system.


Due to the API-first nature of the architecture, any user specification can be swiftly integrated making it a highly configurable secure system with flexible caching and profiling capabilities.

Administration and monitoring

Apart from the above features, RapidFire is equipped with administration and monitoring capabilities. The processes are entirely tool driven, leading to an automated efficient error-free experience.  

Accelerate your interoperability transformation with our FHIR services

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