Enough has been said about FHIR and its ability to revolutionize the healthcare industry. But how does FHIR differ from the previous standards and why is it so special?

The secret to the FHIR standard is its ability to connect to any system through an interoperability door known as FHIR Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). APIs are versatile and enable a plethora of options for all healthcare players. This is why the 21st Century Cures Act and the Patient Access Final Rule focus on the APIs. 

These rules brought about by the CMS and the ONC, require various healthcare players to maintain FHIR APIs such as provider directory API, Patient access API, and APIs to enable payer-to-payer data exchange.

Let’s have a look at how FHIR APIs enable various activities:

  • Improved Interoperability: FHIR APIs enable interoperability across healthcare systems and data sources, making it easier to share data between systems and create a complete picture of patients’ and the population’s health.

  • Enhanced Data exchange: FHIR APIs allow for efficient and secure sharing of healthcare data as FHIR resources in real-time, enabling healthcare providers to access and analyze data.

  • FHIR Analytics: FHIR APIs facilitate integration of different data sources and provide insights into population health trends and patterns.

  • Bulk-data processing: FHIR APIs enable bulk health data sharing and real-time data querying for purposes such as preventive and population health reforms.

  • Highly Secure: FHIR APIs ensure highly secure data exchange through proper authorization and authentication.

  • Real-time monitoring: FHIR APIs are used to develop real-time monitoring tools for up-to-date information on population health trends and to identify emerging health issues and respond quickly to outbreaks or other public health concerns.

As more organizations adopt FHIR, the healthcare network becomes more efficient resulting in a win-win situation for both healthcare organizations and patients. Healthcare organizations can improve efficiency while reducing time and costs, while patients receive more personalized care with improved quality and value.

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