FHIR value based care
The healthcare industry is undergoing a transformation, with value-based care becoming increasingly prevalent. In this new paradigm, patient experience and outcomes are the focus, rather than just the volume of services provided. To help healthcare providers deliver high-value, well-coordinated care, FHIR interoperability solutions are crucial.

Improved efficiency of care delivery

The FHIR standard enables seamless integration of data from various sources and systems and makes it easily accessible to all authorized parties. This enables streamlined sharing of patient data among providers, payers, and other stakeholders, resulting in more efficient care delivery and less duplication of tests or procedures. With the use of FHIR, data is transformed into actionable de-duplicated data and helps providers understand the patient’s needs at the point of care,  empowering them to deliver high-value, well-coordinated care.

Increased patient experience and care-value

FHIR makes it feasible to provide patients access to their clinical data at the right time, ensuring they are better involved in their care delivery and have better patient-centered care provided. Also, accurate data in near-real time keeps them in the loop and greatly increases their experience and value.

FHIR interoperable platforms are extremely customizable and enable efficient workflows and a better care delivery framework. This leads to reduced wait times between appointments and quicker delivery of test results, therefore enhancing the value of care provided.

FHIR: The future of Interoperability

FHIR is radically changing healthcare interoperability and will continuously evolve, bettering efficient and seamless data exchanges.

The first step in adopting the FHIR standard is using an FHIR server. This is a crucial step in creating a seamless, interoperable healthcare system that prioritizes patient needs and outcomes.

With Aigilx Health’s Enhanced FHIR server, the process of standardizing disparate data formats is easier than ever. The Enhanced FHIR server standardizes disparate data formats into FHIR efficiently and rapidly.

Aigilx Health is a Health Tech firm focused on developing next-generation technology that is robust, easy to use, and futuristic, paving the way for a healthcare ecosystem. It specializes in FHIR Interoperability solutions for healthcare players such as providers & provider networks, HIE, CCBHC, Payers, and ACOs. 

Aigilx health specializes in developing Interoperability solutions to create a healthcare ecosystem and aids in the delivery of efficient, patient-centric and population-focused healthcare.


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