FHIR server

FHIR makes it feasible and easy to get access to the right set of data from any device or application. What’s better?

An FHIR Server that

  • Is enhanced to meet the operational demands of the healthcare ecosystem with a futuristic data management system 
  • Allows you to access complete and reliable health data records as FHIR resources without any loss in data integrity and accuracy
  • Securely enables various health data processes such as data exchange, data queries, data transformation and FHIR analytics

Transform your clinical data management system with Aigilx's FHIR Server

Rapid Data Aggregation

RapidFire, an end-to-end FHIR-powered interoperability platform,  incorporates a USCDI Complaint FHIR CDR that seamlessly ingests, standardizes, and represents healthcare data from various sources as required. It is capable of processing, validating, and storing data in the FHIR format that can be used for running search queries and generating other reports. It is enhanced to handle bulk data and historical data aggregation, enabling a smooth process.


The Enhanced FHIR server caters to data explosion by introducing a horizontally and vertically scalable system. Vertical scaling refers to adding more resources to the existing application or server. Horizontal scaling involves adding more processing units or physical machines to your server or database. Every byte of valuable data is stored, making sure you remain on top of your data!

Comply with the 21st Century Cures Act

Aigilx’s Enhanced FHIR Server follows the interoperability standards required by CMS. It provides access to data through API and supports standard API interactions along with customizable interactions. It also comes bundled with configurations for specific use cases, such as data exchange between Providers, Payers, Laboratories, Provider networks and more.

HIPAA Compliant

By implementing secure systems, our enhanced FHIR server ensures HIPAA compliance. Sensitive data such as SAMHSA and Part 2 data are tagged separately. Thus access and viewing capabilities are allowed based on required authorization, ensuring a high degree of compliance with HIPAA. Personal Health Information (PHI) data is securely encrypted using OAuth. Every data accessed, viewed and modified can be traced, guaranteeing data provenance and paving the way for a fully transparent auditable system.

Flexible solution to support future business requirements and regulatory changes

Aigilx’s FHIR server is dynamic and responsive to population health reforms, Medicaid and Medicare requirements and is customizable to reflect your unique situation.


Due to the API-first nature of the architecture, any user specification can be swiftly integrated making it a highly configurable secure system with flexible caching and profiling capabilities.

Administration and monitoring

Apart from the above features, our FHIR CDR is equipped with administration and monitoring capabilities. The processes are entirely tool driven, leading to an automated, efficient, and error-free experience. 

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