Embracing FHIR interoperability brings manifold benefits to providers 

Interoperability has changed the healthcare landscape. As a number of regulations are

Streamline Prior Authorization for payers through FHIR Interoperability

The proposed Interoperability and Prior Authorization rule has the potential to help

Solve the puzzle of CCBHC’s integrated care coordination using Interoperability

Enhancing Care Coordination helps providers achieve their primary objective of delivering patient-centered

All-in-one FHIR User Interface for complete patient data

Once clinical data is transformed into actionable, interoperable FHIR resources, it should

FHIR Server

Enhanced FHIR server: One solution to all your clinical data storage needs

Every minute, an exponential amount of healthcare data is generated. This has

Aigilx health specializes in developing Interoperability solutions to create a healthcare ecosystem and aids in the delivery of efficient, patient-centric and population-focused healthcare.



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