Public and private payers are shifting their focus from a fee-for-service payment approach to a more patient-centric, value-based care approach. In these changing times, providers need to enhance their care delivery methods to stay relevant and maximize their outcomes. 


To succeed with unconventional payment models, providers need to focus on patient experience and the quality of care delivered. Let’s have a look at how providers can improve patient experience: 

Engage them in their care journey

By providing access to their data at the right time. Patients are better involved in their care delivery and hence have better patient-centered care provided. Also, accurate data in near-real time keeps them in the loop and thus greatly increases their experience. 

Enhance care coordination

Patients may be required to view a host of providers from different specializations. Improving care coordination and ensuring a seamless transfer of care between providers is vital to increasing their satisfaction.

Reduce delays

For a better patient experience, reduced wait times between appointments, quicker delivery of test results and reduced administrative work are required. 


All the above can be brought into reality by a well-developed interoperable platform. 


At Aigilx Health, our interoperability and FHIR experts have designed the perfect interoperability product suite for providers to gain the maximum benefits. 


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Aigilx health specializes in developing Interoperability solutions to create a healthcare ecosystem and aids in the delivery of efficient, patient-centric and population-focused healthcare.


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