NatCon24 Offer

Mirth Connect Monitoring tool: one-month free trial for
NatCon24 attendees

Streamline your Mirth Connect monitoring with ease!

Control Center, a Mirth Connect monitoring tool provides real-time monitoring, a unified dashboard and automated alerts of the Mirth Connect server. Prevent complete failure of the Mirth Connect server by signing up for a free trial of Control Center.

Prevent complete failure of your Mirth Connect server today and save up to $1000!

NatCon24 - Free Mirth Connect Monitoring Tool

This limited-period free trial for 1 month is exclusive for the
first 20 signups from the attendees of NatCon24.

Submit your details and redeem your offer code today.

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    This offer is valid up to April 30, 2024. 

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