Become future-proof with FHIR powered interoperability

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Become future-proof with <span class="f_700">FHIR </span> powered interoperability

Step into the FHIR-powered Future of health data exchange​

Futuristic interoperable solutions to engage in secure data transfers, enhance community-centric care outcomes and boost health equity through social and health data integration.

The definitive standard for data-exchange

FHIR standard interoperability is crucial for seamless health data exchange. FHIR is supported and advocated by the ONC (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology) and the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services). The USCDI standard and TEFCA are based on FHIR.

Adopting FHIR will assist you in strategically aligning with the national regulations and facilitates reliable, quicker data exchange. To be future-ready, switch to FHIR standard interoperability today!

Health data equity through FHIR interoperability

Embracing FHIR is indispensable to consolidating and transforming clinical, behavioral, claims and SDoH data from various community systems. It assists in standardizing them into FHIR resources.

FHIR resources empower HIEs by facilitating an advanced SDoH dashboard where reports and metrics can be visualized. It also encompasses analytical capabilities to determine SDoH risk scores from consolidated SDoH data. Through FHIR APIs, SDoH data can be seamlessly exchanged without any loss of accuracy.

Lead the HIE consolidation

Consolidation of HIEs is happening all across the country. Those having future-ready modern interoperable solutions will have a better position in the consolidation process.

FHIR enables HIEs to implement their strategic goals successfully. FHIR-powered HIEs will lead the process!

Population health initiatives

Next-generation HIEs need AI-powered analytics capability to utilize their huge data sets and harness complete data potential. It helps HIEs address equity gaps and therefore gain better insights into a community as a whole.

FHIR’s comprehensive data standard and powerful APIs make FHIR the right fit for population analytics.

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RapidFire - Fully managed FHIR platform, Apps & Analytics

RapidFire is an end-to-end interoperable solution specially designed to meet HIE’s requirements in a unified platform. It facilitates rapid ingestion of health data and secure reliable data exchange between disparate health systems. 

With RapidFire, HIEs can minimize dependency on third-party services, systems and applications and have better cost control. It provides an intelligent approach to bringing different systems together and helps HIE support community-centric care initiatives. Tool-driven processes with monitoring capabilities at every stage facilitate better control and assist in making informed intelligent decisions.

Rochester RHIO, one of the most successful HIEs, uses RapidFire as its interoperability platform. Developed by interoperability experts and designed to grow with the future, RapidFire’s unique features will ensure you maximize outcomes. 

Become a comprehensive data exchange platform with RapidFire’s thoughtful features:

Migration simplified & More! Move to a future-ready HIE platform, seamlessly

The switch to a new interoperability platform can be an arduous task for most healthcare organizations, especially for HIEs as they have huge volumes of health data from various sources.

With Aigilx Health’s RapidFire migration tool, the entire migration process is automated, rapid and accurate with minimal downtime, paving the way for secure data transfer.

  • Completely tool-driven and Reliable
  • 1 million data transfers per hour
  • Six sigma level of accuracy
  • Migrate all the legacy health data in weeks
  • Scalable and Flexible
  • 100% Error-free migration, guaranteed!
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Empowered HIEs empower the whole care network.

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