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Any monitoring system requires 24/7 capability to stay connected to the servers. The task of monitoring can be made more efficient by enabling automated alerting mechanisms. Control Center, a Mirth Connect monitoring platform, offers advanced proactive alerting features. 

Proactive alerts

Control Center comes with default parameters for automated alerts. But, each server may host different functions, and the errors that cause harm may vary. With Control Center, the alerts can be customized for each server and thus helps defect major issues in time. Proactive alerts significantly reduce downtime and facilitate seamless functioning. 

Customizable delivery system

Control Center is equipped with the capacity to send alerts via emails and push notifications. It enables system administrators to stay connected and ensure the server is healthy. These alerts can also be customized to send to user groups defined by the administrators. It facilitates a personalized approach and ensures that the right alert is sent to the right person. 

Scheduled notifications

Notifications can be scheduled according to custom requirements. Notifications when a server needs to go offline and time-based alerts for routine maintenance can be configured and scheduled. It keeps the entire infrastructure team in the loop.

Alert dashboard

Control Center provides an Alert Dashboard to keep track of all the alerts received and their resolution statuses. Every alert received, action taken, resolution time and other such metrics can be displayed, providing the administrators with an eagle’s eye view of their entire system. 

Alert analytics

Furthermore, Control Center can be configured to drill down into frequent server-specific alerts to identify and list the alerts in order of their significance. It provides insights into urgent issues and helps the team manage their resources effectively.

To stay connected with your server statistics 24/7 and ensure your system is up and running at all times, try our free 30-day no-risk trial of Control Center. Contact us now.

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