The Healthcare industry deals with important, sensitive data and hence, security and compliance with US regulations regarding healthcare data are of utmost importance. 


Achieving data security takes up a whole lot of mental space of healthcare leaders and directs healthcare organizations’ decision-making about new procedures or products and rightly so. 


That’s why healthcare organizations need to choose the right Mirth Connect monitoring tool which guarantees security and complies with HIPAA


If you’re using a Mirth monitoring tool, here’s a simple way to check whether you’re 100% secure – 


Check whether the monitoring tool has access to your server credentials! If it does, it may not provide the best level of security that we know you deserve. 


Usually, monitoring tools are embedded into the servers and extract necessary data from the servers to perform their monitoring. They possess server credentials and also have access to perform operational tasks. This weak link can be used for data breaches.


To ensure a high level of security, monitoring tools must not be able to access any healthcare or Personal Health Information (PHI). 


It’s the fool-proof way to ensure security and it’s exactly how Control Center, a Mirth Connect monitoring tool operates! 


You may ask – being a healthcare monitoring tool, how do you do anything if you don’t handle health data? 


Control Center is developed with best practice methods to only monitor – do its job – without accessing any PHI data stored in your Mirth Connect servers. 


How does it do this?


Being a highly secure monitoring tool, it makes the server send its data to it. Using an embedded agent, the Mirth Connect servers send their statistical server performance data to Control Center. 


This one-way transfer of data ensures that no sensitive healthcare information is shared with Control Center and that only necessary server statistical data is sent. Control Center doesn’t have access to any PHI or healthcare data flowing between servers and hence, is highly secure. It also complies with HIPAA


Control Center efficiently monitors Mirth Connect servers and guarantees 100% security.

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