In this fast-paced world, time is money and we at Aigilx Health understand that too well.


That’s why we have designed the perfect way to monitor your Mirth Connect server and protect it from critical errors in an easy and quick, but secure way.


Quick and efficient monitoring for your Mirth Connect servers can be set up in minutes with Control Center’s plug-and-play implementation model. Just configure and download your channel into Control Center using the credentials given by us and start monitoring right away!


Protect your system from critical errors immediately and transform monitoring with automated alerts, real-time monitoring and unified dashboard.


What are you waiting for? Start your Mirth monitoring now with Control Center’s 60-day free no-risk trial! 


I hear what you’re thinking – “I already use another monitoring tool, but Control Center sounds interesting.”


Even if you’re using another monitoring service, you can still use Control Center as it can be integrated with any existing monitoring tool with ease. 

A perfect win-win situation! 

Click here to set up your monitoring now!

Aigilx health specializes in developing Interoperability solutions to create a healthcare ecosystem and aids in the delivery of efficient, patient-centric and population-focused healthcare.



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