Mirth Connect servers and channels often have various parameters that need constant monitoring. With thousands of channels and instances, it is a challenge to view and comprehend the information from these parameters. 

A dashboard where these parameters can be viewed and accessed in a single location is necessary. Control Center, a Mirth Connect Monitoring platform, has an easy-to-use Unified Dashboard for viewing and monitoring the servers and channels. Some of the benefits of the Unified Dashboard are:

Easy accessibility

When all the parameters of the required channels and instances are available in a single place, ease of access is a given. This directly translates to frequent monitoring and observation, and thus the efficiency of the monitoring increases exponentially.

100% observability

In a unified dashboard, all the channels and instances are listed and the required parameters to be displayed are configurable. Therefore, the chances of missing out on a particular channel or an instance are greatly minimized.

Visualization for easy understanding

Visual indicators enhance the viewer’s understandability. Topographical charts of the server connectivity and the health of various parameters such as memory metrics, disk usage and channel statistics are displayed using visual indicators. It helps in quickly analyzing and identifying deviations.

Control Center is intuitively designed to deliver the right results for maximum performance. The parameters of the servers are customizable to show the most crucial variables. Also, the mobile application of Control Center ensures better accessibility to server statistics!

Optimize your Mirth servers for maximum performance now. Try Control Center for free for 30 days.

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