Mirth Connect servers and instances handle hundreds of thousands of bytes of data every day. They act as the backbone of the entire healthcare information system. But like every system in the world, Mirth Connect is prone to breakdowns and errors. Due to the enormity of the data and the complexity of the healthcare industry, a single glitch can snowball into bringing your whole system down.

Monitoring of Mirth Connect servers

To prevent massive breakdowns, it is vitally important to have monitoring systems in place. Ensuring that all servers are operating according to expectations, is a critical aspect of Health IT systems. Real-time monitoring is the difference between overloaded error-prone servers and secure servers with optimum functionality.

Proactive decisions

Real-time monitoring helps predict imminent failures and identify issues and errors as soon as they develop. With this information, the system administrators can proactively make decisions to course correct and thus reduce server downtime and prevent the system from catastrophic problems.

Visibility into performance

Real-time monitoring enables administrators to have visibility of the health and performance of each server and channel such as CPU Usage, Memory Consumption, I/O, Network, Disk Usage, Process etc. This data provides adequate knowledge of the system and paves the way for increased server performance and efficiency.

Maximize utilization of available infrastructure

By monitoring the channels and servers and using the performance metrics, systems can be loaded optimally to utilize their full potential. 

Control Center, a Mirth Connect monitoring platform, offers real-time monitoring to increase the efficiency of the systems. Developed by long-term users of Mirth Connect, Control Center provides necessary insights into the health of the servers and channels.

Optimize your Mirth servers for maximum performance now. Try Control Center for free for 30 days.

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